Cherry chocolate cake : delicious like you’ve never tasted

Cherry chocolate cake

Cherry chocolate cake

The Cherry chocolate cake turned out to be very tender, moderately sweet and stunningly delicious!

In general, the cake is perfect and just melts in your mouth!


Chocolate sponge cake (for a form of 16 cm):

  • flour-140 gr.
  • sugar-160 gr.
  • cocoa – 27 gr.
  • soda – 1 tsp.
  • egg.
  • milk – 150 ml.
  • vegetable oil-32 gr.
  • butter – 32 gr.

Cherry sauce:

  • frozen cherries-200 gr.
  • sugar-35 gr.
  • corn starch-1 tbsp.
  • water-50 ml. for cherries 30 ml. for starch.

Milk ganache :

  • chocolate – 100 gr.
  • 33% – 50 gr cream

Cream cheese:

  • 600 gr cream cheese.
  • cream 33% – 80 gr.
  • powdered sugar 80-90 gr.

Cherry chocolate cake PREPARATION:

Chocolate sponge cake:

All ingredients are at room temperature!

Mix all the dry ingredients, then add all the liquid ones, beat the mass to a smooth consistency, bake for 170*C one hour, top/bottom mode.

Cherry sauce:

Put the cherries, sugar, pour water into a saucepan, cook until the cherries are soft, dilute the starch in water and add to the cherries, boil for 2-3 minutes, remove from heat, cool.

Milk ganache:

We heat the cream, do not boil it. add the chocolate, heat it to a smooth mass. remove from the heat, cover with a film and put it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

Cream cheese:

All the ingredients are from the refrigerator.
Mix everything and whisk until smooth for 2-3 minutes.

Cherry chocolate cake Assembly:

Sponge cake-cream-ganache-sponge cake-cream-cherry-sponge cake-cream.

ENJOY YOUR Cherry chocolate cake

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